Welcome to ILSA, the Indigenous Literary Studies Association.  ILSA is a scholarly body based in lands claimed by Canada that focuses on the teaching and study of Indigenous peoples' literatures.

ILSA's guiding purpose is to honour the history and promote the ongoing production of Indigenous literatures in all forms; to advance the ethical and vigorous study and teaching of those literatures; to reaffirm the value of Indigenous knowledges and methodologies within literary expression and study; to foster respectful relationships within and between academic and non-academic communities; to facilitate mentorship and professional development; and to advocate for responsible institutional transformation.

The ILSA website and association help bring established and new scholars and writers together, to provide resources for teaching, studying, research, conferences, and publishing in a diverse range of Indigenous literary activities.

We are currently planning our 4th Annual Gathering at Congress 2018 in Regina.  Details coming soon!

If you are not already a member, please visit the Membership Page and consider joining in support of this new and exciting endeavour!